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The SNP Masterclass

SNP Learning Masterclass

Join Carolyn Ledowsky, Sterling Hill and Cynthia Smith for this masterclass series. It’s a must for anyone addressing MTHFR and methylation. This is your opportunity to to gain a full understanding of the key SNP’s and the significance of these SNP’s in the metabolic pathways.

This is your opportunity to gain a full understanding of the key SNP’s and the significance of these SNP’s in the metabolic pathways. Sterling will be joined by MTHFR and methylation experts Carolyn Ledowsky and Cynthia Smith who will explain the metabolic pathways and nutritional applications to assist in the regulation of key genes.

Here’s some of the best bits we covered:

Key SNPs in each category.
Key action of major alleles.
Significance of each of these SNP's in the biochemical pathways.
Key strategies to assist the better functioning of these genes.
Current research behind each of the SNPs.
Which genes to start addressing first.

Webinar 1: Liver Detox Phase 1
Webinar 2: Liver Detox Phase 2
Webinar 3: Yeast/alcohol metabolism/ Alzheimers/Cardio/lipids
Webinar 4: Methylation and methionine
Webinar 5: Transulfuration
Webinar 6: Neurotransmitter - serotonin/dopamine
Webinar 7: Neurotransmitter - Glutamate and GABA
Webinar 8: Neurotransmitters COMT
Webinar 9: Mitochondrial function/ IGE/IGG/IGA
Webinar 10: Clotting/coeliac/thyroid/eyehealh/other immune
Webinar 11: Pulling it all together

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