Mould Illness Patient Video

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Mould Illness Patient Video

Mould Illness Patient Video

Have you been exposed to water damage in the recent floods?

Australia has had a number of flood disasters in the past few years, the most recent of which devastated communities across south east QLD, Northern NSW, Central Coast, Sydney and a number of other regional centres.

What's of concern now as part of the recovery process is the ongoing risk of mould and mould-related illness as people affected move back into flood affected areas. What surprises a lot of people is that mould doesn't have to be visually obvious to be an issue, so it's important to recognise the signs and symptoms of mould-related illness, because the effects can be crippling to one's mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Here's some of the best bits we covered:

What do you need to know if your home has been water damaged?
How mould can develop if left untreated.
Understanding what types of mould occur in water damaged buildings.
Understanding what types of mould can have health effects.
 What are the potential health effects of ongoing mould exposure?
Identifying the signs and symptoms of mould/mycotoxin illness.
Strategies you can apply to help rid homes of mould.
How to support your body to clear mould or mycotoxins.

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