Patient Focus: Allergies

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Patient Focus: Allergies

Unravelling the Histamine Connection: Allergy Q&A
Did you know that allergies, headaches, and migraines affect over 34% of the population at some point in their lives? Australia, in particular, has one of the highest rates of allergies worldwide. But have you ever wondered why?

At our upcoming information and Q&A session, we'll explore the primary culprit behind these issues: histamine excess. Histamine is a signalling molecule triggered by inflammatory responses, which can be set off by various factors like exposure to mould, viral infections (similar to COVID-19), bacterial toxins and gut bugs (such as LPS), and more.

Package Details:

  • PACKAGE 1: Immune Support Information PDF + Tailored Herbal Immune Support Mix + MTHFR MCN Viral Prevention Nasal Spray
  • PACKAGE 2: Immune Support Information PDF + Tailored Herbal Cough/Cold/Flu Mix + Vitamin C and Zinc Powder (Practitioner Only Brand)
  • PACKAGE 3: 15 Minute Appointment with an MTHFR Support Practitioner (Existing Clients) OR 45 Minute Appointment with an MTHFR Support Practitioner (New Clients)

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