MTHFR Gene Test Kit

 NOTE: This product is only available to residents of Australia. To prevent delays in getting the test results, please make sure to always use the name and address of the person who will take the test in your order.

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700 - Histamine Relief Package 4

Histamine Relief Package


Initial Private Consultation: with Headaches, Migraines and Allergies Healthcare Practitioner

Low Histamine Diet Plan: understand foods to eat and foods to avoid, with meal plans and 80+ simple low histamine recipes.

Educational Video: ‘How to Reduce the Allergy Load for Adults and Children’ Webinar

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MTHFR Gene Test Kit

Find out whether your genetics are behind your Histamine and Allergy issues with a MTHFR Gene Test.

Available to order and complete without a referral or visit to a pathology centre.


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