Learn how incorporating genetics into clinical practice will revolutionise your clinic and improve patient outcomes - and get practical steps for using genetic testing in your practice!



You'll Learn The Fundamentals Of Genetics and a Step by Step Approach To Interpretation

By the end of the online workshop, you will have a solid understanding of how to approach the advanced pathway test results and apply it to each patient.

Key SNPs to Identify First

The fundamentals of genetics and a step by step approach to interpretation

Genetic Testing & Patients

Understand the types of patients best suited for these particular tests

Improving Patient Outcomes

How to set priorities into short, medium and long term goals for your patient


Learn How To Master Key SNPs & Apply Them To Your Patients' Health For Greater Outcomes

The smartDNA Advanced Pathway Report features over 400 SNPs and is an indispensable tool in mapping your patients' health issues. This report enables you to deliver treatments with greater precision. 

If you are a health practitioner who’s been too busy or too overwhelmed by genetic testing, this genetics workshop is designed for you. You get practical training and resources you can use immediately.


Hi! I’m Carolyn Ledowsky, a genetics expert and founder of MTHFR Support.

I guide healthcare practitioners through the genetic landscape.

With over 10 years of experience in biochemical genetic testing, I understand its critical role in enhancing patient outcomes. I teach you how to use genetic testing as a roadmap for treatment considerations, which, combined with other tests, provides clarity on the steps to improve patient health.

If the complexity of genetics has held you back, I can simplify it for you. Watch this workshop for a unique learning experience that is second to none and unlock the steps to evaluate genetic tests effectively.


Here's What Other Practitioners Are Saying About Carolyn's Genetics Workshops

  • She provided a kind of road map to put all the pieces of the puzzle together which enabled us to implement an effective and practical treatment protocol. Carolyn’s practical, well explained, well spoken approach was very helpful to help us understand such complicated matters.

  • I was able to start implementing the concepts that she taught right away. You can tell that she has researched, studied, learned, and applied the information that she teaches to herself and her patients in her practice. She is teaching you how to apply the knowledge from the get go

  • The program has allowed me to understand the missing piece in complex cases. From infertility, recurrent miscarriage, chronic disease, to crippling anxiety and depression, understanding the genetic component is game-changing. Thank you Carolyn for sharing your years worth of knowledge and expertise

  • I highly recommend it to other Practitioners or those with some medical background with an interest as it opens up a whole new prospective and understanding of numerous health issues that are not covered sufficiently in other forums in my opinion

  • Carolyn has a unique gift for teaching a complex subject in a step by step way to help others understand and put the pieces together for their clients/patients. This truly is personalized medicine at its best. I can't thank Carolyn enough for sharing her vast knowledge with me in a way that I could understand and use it.

  • I feel more confident, view testing, health history etc. through a different lens. I have already found more success with complex health conditions. Overall, I loved this course and found the content and experience of Carolyn invaluable.