Vitamin D
Recent studies have highlighted Vitamin D's importance in protection against acute respiratory infections - hence having a direct impact on the severity of COVID - 19

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Vitamin D is one of our most important fat soluble nutrients. Its importance in bone health is unquestioned but recently studies have highlighted its importance in protection against acute respiratory infections - and hence may have a direct impact on the severity of COVID-19.
The question remains however, why, in a country full of sun are some people still so low in Vitamin D?

When: June 25th, 8am AEST
            June 25th, 10am NZST
            June 24th, 5pm CST (US)
Time:  45 minute seminar, 15 minute Q&A
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What you will learn in this webinar?

  • Research supporting the use of Vitamin D in various conditions
  • Metabolism of Vitamin D
  • Genetic polymorphisms in Vitamin D
  • How to test for vitamin D. What are the correct markers?
  • What forms of vitamin D are best and how do we bypass genetic polymorphisms.
  • What environmental factors influence Vitamin D metabolism and absorption.
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Carolyn Ledowsky

is a licenced naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and an international speaker. She has helped over 1,000 health practitioners use genomic susceptibility treatments to scale their clinics and improve patient outcomes, while personally helping more than 15,000 patients using genomics.


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