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Asset 1.png Join other like-minded practitioners benefiting from becoming an MTHFR support referral partner

Asset 1.png An extremely credible brand that is well recognised for providing training and education in the Genomics and Methylation space.  

Asset 1.png Create a passive income stream for your practice, using the network you already have.

Asset 1.png Our large range of products are suitable for both practitioners looking to learn about implementing Genomics into their practise, through to training and education for patients.  If you are in the health industry, you'll find a product range to suit your network.


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Asset 1.png Content Material is supplied including swipe copy, creatives and artwork. We even have marketing campaigns you can customize to suit your network.

Asset 1.png High level of affiliate support - we want to partner with you!  If you have a unique marketing idea, want to co-host a webinar, or any other method to improve your reach - we're here to help you out.

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You'll see a range of new products, training and education courses being released in the near future.  We aim to expand our range of both practitioner and patient training - giving you an even larger selection of products to promote. 

  • MTHFR Support Australia

    We've designed this program to thank all those people who regularly promote our training, our products and the MTHFR philosophy.

    My hope is that we can become great partners, with a mutually rewarding relationship. I look forward to working together to spread the word on how beneficial it is to incorporate genetics into clinical practice. ”

    Founder - MTHFR Support

institute-3.pngCAROLYN LEDOWSKY


Carolyn Ledowsky is the founder of MTHFR Support Australia. She is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has a Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Nutrition, also having studied courses in genetics at Duke University and The University of Maryland in the US. You can learn more about Carolyn and her journey to specialising in MTHFR by clicking here.

Carolyn is a results-oriented health expert who has the ability to provide straightforward and practical advice to address your specific health issues, working with you through the entire course of your healing. Carolyn’s key focus is looking at how your genes impact your health and make you more susceptible to disease. This insight and a thorough health history are invaluable in setting a correct path for your future health.