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"Understanding how your genetic susceptibility can influence your health, can change your life."

Carolyn Ledowsky
Founder - MTHFR Support

institute-3.pngCAROLYN LEDOWSKY


Carolyn Ledowsky is the founder of MTHFR Support Australia. She is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has a Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Nutrition, also having studied courses in genetics at Duke University and The University of Maryland in the US. You can learn more about Carolyn and her journey to specialising in MTHFR by clicking here.

Carolyn is a results-oriented health expert who has the ability to provide straightforward and practical advice to address your specific health issues, working with you through the entire course of your healing. Carolyn’s key focus is looking at how your genes impact your health and make you more susceptible to disease. This insight and a thorough health history are invaluable in setting a correct path for your future health.



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