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The MTHFR gene polymorphism affects around 53% of the population.
Understanding how your genetic susceptibilities can influence
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Many people that have MTHFR gene mutations are told in no uncertain terms by many medical practitioners ‘it doesn’t matter’. 

Our research and clinical experience tell us, it does, so this information is critical for you to navigate your way back to better health.

Whether you are trying to fall pregnant and reduce miscarriages, are suffering from anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity or any other health condition, we know, through 12 years of treating patients just like you that:


Find out what existing patients are saying:

  • MTHFR Support Australia

    MTHFR Support Australia helped me put all these pieces
    together that I had not been able to put together myself


  • MTHFR Support Australia

    So for me, I’m confident that I’ve been able to slow my biological
    clock right down. Best of all, we naturally conceived two very happy
    and healthy babies after trying for many years unsuccessfully!


  • MTHFR Support Australia

    Truly AMAZING just about sums it up really! After finally discovering
    that MTHFR was the main culprit for all of my ailments (I am
    Compound Heterozygous), thankfully I found Carolyn and her team I have
    my memory back, I have my sleep restored, I have lost weight and
    I have knees, for the first time ever!


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Carolyn Ledowsky, BNat, BWHM, AdvDip Nut, BEc

I am Carolyn Ledowsky. I am the founder of MTHFR Fertility and MTHFR Support Australia. As an MTHFR researcher, trainer and presenter on MTHFR for doctors and health professionals around the world, my interest is in training as many practitioners and patients as possible on how important this pathway is to good health.

With the wealth of scientific (and at times confusing and complex) information found on the internet surrounding MTHFR, it is no wonder so many hopeful patients end up going around in circles and getting overwhelmed and confused!

This can especially be the case for those searching for valid and understandable information when it comes to genetic susceptibility to conditions like: anxiety, depression, infertility, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, autoimmune and much more. Understanding your genetic susceptibility and how overlaying environmental triggers can cause chronic health conditions is key to you regaining your health.

We are the first dedicated MTHFR clinic in the world and all our practitioners are specialists in this area. They have clinical experience in working with patients of all ages. This includes those with fertility issues, multiple miscarriages, babies, children with autism, ADD, ADHD, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression, addictions, autoimmune conditions, migraines, cardiovascular disease and many more.

If there is ever a question that you have, feel free to drop us a line at My team will get back to you shortly.