Would you like to fast-track your ability to practice personalised medicine? 

For a limited time only, you can learn how to...

Confidently Address Patient Health Issues with Genomics & Methylation Treatment Plans

after just 8 Weeks of Mentoring

Do you want to set up your practice to earn extra revenue, with a ‘never-ending’ patient waitlist and brand-new techniques to address complex patient issues?

Introducing the
an 8 week Training and Mentoring Program

Taking the first step to incorporating personalized medicine into your clinic can feel overwhelming. 

It’s hard to know where to start. Especially if you’ve got gaps in your knowledge and you’re not sure where to go, who to learn from and who to trust.

And then of course, there’s the seemingly insurmountable hurdle of taking the theory you have learnt…

And confidently applying it in a practical setting to real-life patients so they consistently get better.

Implementing genomics and methylation treatments into your practice shouldn’t be a difficult process that’s clouded in uncertainty. 


That’s why world-renowned genomics and methylation expert, Carolyn Ledowsky has decided to help practitioners adopt personalized medicine into their practices in a safe, easily digestible way, in her...
Learn using information from your own clinic, this over-the-shoulder mentoring covers the A - Z of helping patients with genomics and methylation treatments


The Practitioner Mastermind is a 8-week digital program, hosted by Carolyn Ledowsky. 

The Mastermind and training program will have weekly 90-minute Zoom call sessions with Carolyn, who will offer personalised mentoring to a handful of practitioners enrolled in the program.  Enrol today, or book in a time to have a one on one discovery call to find out if this course is for you


This Mastermind is your opportunity to learn the theoretical and practical applications of genetic analysis.

You will accelerate your understanding of personalized medicine through interactive learning, so that by the end of the 8 weeks, you will be ready to start helping your own patients with genomic treatments and gain an insight into your patients’ chronic health conditions that you never thought possible.  Organise a discovery call today to learn more about how the Mastermind program can improve your patient outcomes!



  • 1-on-1 Mentoring: You will have a 1-on-1 mentoring call with Carolyn where she will break down where you are at and what support you may need going forward. This is your chance to get hyper-targeted advice in implementing genomics into your clinic as fast as possible.
  • Weekly Zoom Calls: Each week the mastermind will have a 90-minute Zoom call. Carolyn will break down complex genomic topics into easily digestible, bite-sized chunks (prior Mastermind students have recalled these sessions being responsible for multiple ‘Aha’ moments where everything ‘just clicked’).
  • Case Presentations: Present a case to the group and have Carolyn show you how to approach it, with short-term and long-term goals (so you can finally feel confident with practical applications of genomics in real-life settings).
  • Question & Answer Sessions: Ask unlimited questions via the shared group spreadsheet. Each question is answered thoroughly in real-time at the beginning of each session.


  • Deep dive into Key Methylation Pathways (master theoretical, practical and integrated approaches) 
  • Patient Pathway Deficiency Analysis: Discover which patient history answers to look out for that can immediately indicate Pathway deficiencies.
  • Case studies & testing methods: how to approach a case when you have genetics, blood test results, organic acids testing, stool tests and much more.
  • Practical Implementation of what you have learned so far and how to apply it to every case.
  • Detailed summary of organic acids testing and how to pick up Methylation Blocks.
  • Certificate of Attendance: Receive a Certificate of Completion from The Institute of Methylation and Genomics.
  • Website Badge Certification: Add the Methylation and Genomics Certification Badge to your site as an easy way to increase trust and credibility among potential patients.
  • Preferred Practitioner Listing (For MTHFR Support Institute Members) on the MTHFR Support website. Get a steady trickle of free referral traffic to your clinic’s website and turn them into patients without spending a dollar!


Genomics and personalized medicine are the way of the future. Without these treatment options to fall back on when addressing difficult symptoms… You will lose patients, future business and practitioners who can help them.


This Mastermind is your chance to shortcut through the time-consuming process of piecing together information here and try and understand the vast topic of personalized medicine yourself.

You’ll be able to get answers in real-time and quite literally get a ‘brain dump’ of Carolyn’s most valuable genomics information to skyrocket your clinic’s success. Using the information from this Mastermind, you can join other practitioners who have been able to double their practice’s revenue in a matter of months.

But there's more...

When you start addressing complex patient health issues with genomic’ll see your clinic’s reputation grow and spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth marketing... ultimately attracting a virtually endless stream of patients to your waitlist on autopilot.

Mastermind Course Contents and Schedule 

The Mastermind Training and Mentoring program is an intensive weekly course to educate practitioners on how to incorporate genetic susceptibility into their clinical practice. It is ideal for those at the very beginning of their genetic education or practitioners who are experienced in this field. The key is that you will understand how to put everything together and know clearly what your next steps will be with every patient

Weeks 1 - 6.  Understanding and implementing


Our first week is broken into two key components of understanding Genetics and Methylation.

  1. Folate -  An in-depth look at the folate cycle and how it is impacted by genetics and environmental influences.
  2. Methyl Blocks - What is a ‘methyl block’? How would you know if someone has one? Is this why some people cannot take methyl folate? How do you Identify, manage and address it? What does it mean?.  What areas should you, as a practitioner, be focussing on (eg Vitamin B12, Glutathione etc)


A Review of SAMe, homocysteine, Vitamin B12 and their importance to your patients health and wellbeing.  Develop an understanding of what genes in the methionine cycle are relevant, and why.  We build a framework for you to be able to clearly identify a course of treatment for your patient.  



We dig deep into glutathione, taurine, the gallbladder, bile & nitric oxide, and their impacts on health. This is the pathway that most of your patients will present with issues. How do you know? What questions or tests do you need to do to understand what is going on with this pathway? Most people with inflammation, infection, LPS have issues here.  Secondly we focus on developing an understanding of eNOS and disturbed nitric oxide.



A focus on the broad SNPs within the neurotransmitters. This is the pathway that practitioners find the most difficult to understand. What predisposes someone to anxiety and depression? We look at the difference between a low dopamine depression and low serotonin. How do you identify this? The key SNP’s we focus on this week are COMT (catechol O methyltransferase) and MAO (Monoamine oxidase) and how someone’s genetic susceptibility might lend itself to psychosis, depression, anxiety, OCD and more.

We’ll then tie all this together to look at environmental triggers and what testing you might need to do to evaluate a genetic vs an environmental trigger.


Organic Acids

This week we deep dive into one of the best tests you can do to evaluate the current biochemistry of your patients. We look at the results in detail and gain a deep understanding of the different markers and what that might tell us.

Weeks 6 - 8 Practical Application- Putting it all together


Weeks 6 to 8 focus on the practical application of knowledge. This is where you put it all together and understand how it relates to clinical practice. This is your opportunity to present your patient cases. 

This includes:

  • Deciphering the range of information and data you are presented with.  
  • How to address genetics, bloods, OAT’s
  • Confidently assessing a first course of action.  
  • Understanding when to modify and adjust your approach.
  • Recognition of new methodology vs traditional methods
  • Tools practitioners can use to provide insight into the next course of action. 
  • How to analyse a patient's history both genetically and environmentally. 
  • Identifying environmental triggers
  • How to develop short term vs long term goals with your patients

At the end of Week 8 Practitioners will have developed the understanding, knowledge and confidence to approach each patient's unique situation and manage it effectively. 

A long-term investment in your business

Designed to improve your patient outcomes, the Mastermind is a tax-deductible business investment.   

practitionermastermindprodimage Practitioner Mastermind

Discover how to apply your MTHFR learnings into your practice.  A practical, mentored group that focuses on real world situations and learnings.

AUD 5,000.00 (+ 10% GST)
Dr Harry Moore

“Being able to take complex scientific concepts and translate this information into usable clinical pearls is a gift. Carolyn Ledowsky has that unique gift. I have listened to many of her recording numerous times and have gleaned important ways to help my patient every time I listen. The direct teaching was ever better in the Mastermind experience. The week to week continuity where specific questions were addressed made the learning experience exceptional.”

Functional Medicine

MTHFR Support Australia
Genevieve St-Cyr

“I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned with my clients, I know it was the missing piece in my tool kit. Before doing the mastermind course with Carolyn, I already knew a bit about methylation, but I didn’t feel confident recommending supplements to improve methylation, I was scared of messing things up even more. I’m so glad I did the course with Carolyn. She has a talent for taking complex concepts and making it a lot more simple to grab.”

Nutritionist, A5M Practitioner, Herbalist, Naturopath, Functional RN

practitionermastermindprodimage Practitioner Mastermind

Discover how to apply your MTHFR learnings into your practice.  A practical, mentored group that focuses on real world situations and learnings.

AUD 5,000.00 (+ 10% GST)
Dr Nathan Francis

“Completion of the Mastermind mentoring has taken me to another paradigm in managing the complex patients that we all have. Understanding the Methylation Pathways is so important in having this integrated approach, the complexity of patients that we see with mood disorders, chronic fatigues, underlying histamine and oxalate problems and methylation is the core in managing these problems that front us. I cannot help but fully endorse this Mastermind class.”


MTHFR Support Australia

“This Mastermind gave me some new ways to help really complex and sensitive clients. I also gained a much richer perspective on gut health and am excited about some of the new techniques I now have tucked up my sleeve. I’m always looking for new and different ways to approach tricky and stubborn symptoms and I feel that I really got this box ticked during this Mastermind.”

Doctorate of Medicine, MTHFR Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Certified Body Ecology Coach, Yoga & ThetaHealing Practitioner

MTHFR Support Australia

“After I have attended the Mastermind course with Carolyn, I feel more confident to implement a treatment protocol. Carolyn's vast knowledge and practical approach provide you such a powerful method and expand your clinical expertise. Highly recommended.”

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

MTHFR Support Australia

“To understand MTHFR is functional medicine in practice and it is the future kind of medical thinking that will optimize our patients health. The mastermind has given me a very important tool to use in my practice, that will help a lot of my patients as well, with certain chronic, complex and disabling conditions.”

Acupuncturist, lecturer and journalist in health-promotion

MTHFR Support Australia

“The course was just an amazing journey and has really helped my overall understanding of the biochemical pathways in the body. My perspective has changed in a good way, this was like the missing link to healing people from their illness in a positive clear and focused direction that gets results.”

Naturopath and Nutritionist

MTHFR Support Australia

“Fantastic, the future of medicine. This mentoring program will help so many practitioners guide clients with complex health conditions back to optimal health. It gets to the root cause of people's body dis-ease, not just treat symptoms. Life changing!”

Spinal Flow & Bioresonance Practitioner

MTHFR Support Australia

“My main reason for studying this course was to gain a deeper understanding of how genes impact health. This course ticked all my boxes. I feel more confident, view testing, health history etc through a different lens and have already found more success with complex health conditions. Overall, I loved this course and found the content and experience of Carolyn invaluable. ”

Naturopath and Nutritionist

MTHFR Support Australia

“Carolyn is brilliant and an excellent educator. She explains complex and complicated concepts in an easy to understand way. She gives you the framework of methylation. She explains where to start and where to go next. Then, she drills down into the major pathways. After I took her class, I felt much more confident about learning the details that she provides in the Methylation and Genomics Institute. I found the mastermind an excellent place to start as I was always intimidated and overwhelmed by methylation and genetic information. Knowing where to start and what to focus on first and then where to go from there was essential. I will say that this program is very intense. You will get much more out of this program if you have some education and experience as a functional or integrative practitioner under your belt. I felt like I was ready for this information and so excited to continue learning the underlying details and applying this amazing and important information to myself and my clients.”

Functional Nutritionist

MTHFR Support Australia

“This truly is personalized medicine at its best. I can't thank Carolyn enough for sharing her vast knowledge with me in a way that I could understand and use it. It was an awesome experience. I highly recommend the Mastermind course. Your patients will thank you for it.”

FMCHC Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

MTHFR Support Australia

“Very good. Carolyn has taught me the importance in case taking and really honing down on finding out the cause of symptoms.”


Dr. Harry Moore
Functional Medicine

Dr. Nathan Francis

Verona Chadwick
Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist

Vinka Wong

Dr. Melissa C. Overman
Ostheopathic, Preventive Medicine


Zelda Graham
Naturopath, Nutritionist

Jenny Barker

Di McCauley

Alicia Salazar

Julia Wang



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