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With all the debate about pro vaccination and anti vaccination, understandably many parents are unsure about what to do and when to vaccinate?

Children with MTHFR SNP’s may be more susceptible to heavy metal toxicity, lowered detoxification and neurological issues. So Carolyn will be discussing the following:

– how to identify at risk children
– what family history should give us warning signs that we need to be cautious
– what genetic SNPs might make parents want to do further investigations before starting vaccination
– what steps can parents take in ensuring their children's immune system will cope with the vaccinations given?

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MTHFR could be play a vital role in your and your family’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases including:

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Stroke
  • Early heart attack
  • Increased blood clotting
  • High cholesterol

MTHFR: The Role in Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally, with 23 million people estimated to die from cardiovascular events per year by 2030. 

Did you know?

MTHFR could be play a vital role in your and your family’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases including:

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Stroke
  • Early heart attack
  • Increased blood clotting
  • High cholesterol

Join MTHFR Support Australia for an informative webinar looking at the effects of the MTHFR gene mutation on cardiovascular disease.

 Topics Will Include:

  • What is MTHFR
  • What is cardiovascular disease
  • How and why does MTHFR and the methylation cycle impact cardiovascular health
  • How to support your MTHFR mutation for better cardiovascular health.
  • What can be done to support you to maximise health and wellbeing
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A webinar focusing on the affect of folate and the MTHFR gene on conception, pregnancy and fetal development.

Folate and MTHFR: Are They Affecting Your Pregnancy?

Join Carolyn Ledowsky, naturopath, MTHFR expert and founder of MTHFR Support Australia for this webinar focused on the impact folate and MTHFR can have on your pregnancy.

Why Folate and MTHFR?

Folate and the related MTHFR gene play vital roles in the production of healthy DNA, which is needed for the rapid growth of the unborn foetus.

Therefore, ensuring folate levels and the MTHFR gene are functioning optimally are vital steps in any pre-conception plan, and are necessary investigations for every couple wanting to fall pregnant.

MTHFR Support Australia has created this webinar to provide education, support and information for couples wanting to fall pregnant.

Who Is This Webinar For?

The information in our MTHFR in Pregnancy webinar is suitable for both those who know of their MTHFR status, or those who are yet to be tested. It provides information on MTHFR and methylation for couples who:

  • Are wishing to begin pre-conception care
  • Are currently attempting to or are unable to fall pregnant
  • Are currently or have suffered from pregnancy related issues such as recurrent miscarriages, thrombophilia or preeclampsia
  • Are currently undertaking IVF
  • Have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility
  • Have had a previous children diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD, Autism, Downs Syndrome, learning difficulties, behavioral issues, cleft lip/ palate, Congenital Heart Defects or Neural Tube Defects

This highly comprehensive webinar will take you through all of the pregnancy related facets that are impacted by folate and MTHFR, for both the female and male.

You will learn from the ‘MTHFR in Pregnancy’ Webinar:

  1. What happens in each of the three trimesters, and how that is related to folate and MTHFR
  2. The factors that affects male and female’s fertility
  3. The correct investigations and pathology testing that reveal the factors affecting your fertility
  4. How folate and MTFHR specifically impact on pregnancy and the growth of the foetus
  5. How dysfunctional MTHFR and methylation go on to affect
    a) preconception, b) pregnancy and c) feotal development
  6.  What specific steps to take if you are either homozygous or heterozygous for the MTHFR gene mutation
  7. The optimal diet and lifestyle for those with the MTHFR wanting to fall pregnant
    Specific nutrients and doses for supporting your healthy pregnancy with MTHFR.
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Allergies, sinus, hayfever, migraines, headaches, period pain, anxiety, depression, bladder issues and much more can be attributed to histamine disturbance.

Histamine is a signalling molecule and too much can cause issues in almost every part of the body.

Learn what histamine is and how you might know if you have a histamine issue.

Learn what to do about it and what foods might make it worse.

An important webinar for anyone with the above symptoms.

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Vitamin D is one or our most important fat soluble nutrients. Its importance in bone health is unquestioned, however studies also highlight its importance in protection against cancer, autoimmune disease, acute respiratory infections, gut dysfunction and much more.

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If you are new to methylation, these videos take you through step by step the methylation cycles of: folate cycle, CBS and neurotransmitter pathways.

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6 Part Webinar Series on Anxiety and Depression: Do you suffer from anxiety and or depression?Hear from leading experts from around the world on what drives anxiety and depression. Dr. Ben Lynch, Dr. Carrie Jones, Dr. Detlev Boison and Carolyn Ledowsky. This 6 part series will cover everything from our genetics, hormones, diet, nutrients and much more.

Oxalates vs histamine vs lectin vs paleo?

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Our diet is critical to good health and at certain times of our lives we are put on a diet. Often I see patients who are thinking they are being healthy with lots of greens in their diet or paleo diet, only to find out that they have high oxalates. High oxalate foods are making them worse, sometimes causing debilitating gut pain, joint pain, fatigue and much more. Given the epidemic of yeast and mould exposure, this webinar will give you insights into how you determine if you should be on a low oxalate diet.