Practitioner Methylation and Genomics Institute

The MTHFR Support Genomics and Methylation Institute is an accreditation program which aims to train practitioners of all modalities on how to introduce genetics into clinical practice in an easy and uncomplicated fashion.  Segmented into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, the MTHFR Support Genomics and Methylation Institute is  designed to cover practitioners new to Genomics, through to those with prior experience.

The interactive course content is designed to be both engaging and informational with learnings covering a wide variety of topics.

Access to the institute includes:

  • Online, self paced learning platform
  • Video presentations
  • Handouts, downloads and reference information
  • Monthly facebook live sessions 

Today's consumers are educated, widely read and are looing for empowerment to look after their own health.  Genetic susceptibility is becoming top of mind for many patients, as is the environmental impact that many diseases and stressful events have on our genetics and methylation in general.

The MTHFR Support Genomics and Methylation Institute gives you access to the latest best practice and learnings.