Practitioner Methylation and Genomics Institute

The MTHFR Support Genomics and Methylation Institute is an accreditation program which aims to train practitioners of all modalities on how to introduce genetics into clinical practice in an easy and uncomplicated fashion. Segmented into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, the MTHFR Support Genomics and Methylation Institute is designed to cover practitioners new to Genomics, through to those with prior experience.

What you'll get when you join the NEW MTHFR Support Methylation and Genomics Institute:

Access to MTHFR Support Methylation and Genomics Institute Educational Portal, which consists of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced modules to guide you through your learnings.
A combination of both video and text based learnings, allowing you to use your preferred learning method.
Over 50 hours of presentations, webinars and video - giving you detailed history, understandings and analysis of Methylation and Genomics
Access to case studies, with a detailed analysis, demonstrating how to implement your Genomic knowledge
One live educational session each month - allowing you to ask questions and get the support you need
Access to our 4 part SNP series, detailing the genomic pathways that impact our health, our lives and our wellbeing

BONUS for all registrations:

We've now included access to our monthly deep dives! Where you can explore health related topics such as COVID-19, Detoxing, Copper and over 10 more current topics!

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