Genomics and Methylation Foundation Training Series

A beginner’s guide to the SNP’s

Do you want to future-proof your clinic and ensure your success? Today's patients are educated, interested and particularly savvy when it comes to how their genes influence their health. If you want to ensure your practice stays at the forefront of this amazing field, then you need to stay up to date.

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 Give your clinic a boost in income
 Attract the right type of patients into your practice and learn the strategies to deal with difficult health conditions
 Create scalability for your practice while providing better patient outcomes
 Gain the confidence to approach any Medical Condition and know where to start

Course Overview:

 Course 1:  Focusing in the folate cycle, this comprehensive course is designed to give you key insights into the genes involved in making metabolically active folate (5-mthf)
 Course 2: Digs into the both the methionine and CBS cycle, outlining why they are so important to human health and what are some of the key drivers and effects of issues in this pathway
 Course 3: The Neurotransmitter pathway is generally considered the most complicated.  Here we outline the key genes involved in both dopamine and seratonin pathways and identification techniques. Combined, these three courses provide a valuable understanding of genomics, and also give the basis for future learning

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INSTITUTE 700 - PRAC Genomics and Methylation Foundation Training Series