Practitioner Mastermind PLUS

For Mastermind Graduates

What can you expect from the MasterMind PLUS? 

Open to graduates of the Mastermind program, the Mastermind PLUS is an open learning format with practical cases being presented. 

satisfaction-guaranteed-sealContinuing education and understanding is a key part of successful patient management.  In an advanced field such as Genetics and Methylation, the importance is magnified, so ensuring your knowledge is current is key to improving patient outcomes.

Developed based on feedback from attendees of the MasterMind group the MasterMind PLUS is designed to continue your education, as well as provide practical resources you can use in your clinic.

This is a fortnightly group meeting online to go through patient cases. Members will have an opportunity to present a patient case, which will be evaluated by Carolyn and the group. This will include blood tests, genetic testing, OAT, hormones, mycotoxin testing etc. As a group protocols for management will be formed, which will be distributed for all attendee's to use within their own clinics. 

  • Recordings will be available allowing you to review the content on demand. 
  • A dedicated drive will give access to all the relevant files, background information and protocols.
  • All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance each month to go towards CPE points. 

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INSTITUTE 700 - PRAC Mastermind PLUS