Genes Affecting Fertility

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Do you know the genes that affect fertility, and what their impacts are? 

Join Carolyn Ledowsky, MTHFR expert and founder of MTHFR Support Australia on this Webinar focused on Genes and Fertility.

We have a huge prenatal component to our clinic because the MTHFR gene is crucial to folate metabolism and therefore DNA synthesis and foetal development. A big clue to MTHFR issues is multiple miscarriages.

Our success in the clinic is showing the following:

Folic acid is NOT the answer.
Folate levels are not being pushed enough in high-risk patients.
IVF isn’t necessarily effective in MTHFR patients.
Success is great when methylation is addressed correctly.

If you would like a fantastic insight into MTHFR and fertility don’t miss this webinar. Carolyn is going to take you through case histories, how to identify genetic predisposition, what to do about it, and what dose of folate to use in various genetic representations.


700 Prac Webinar - How Genes Affect Fertility