Your Guide to Scheduled Vaccinations

Vaccinations! What information can we give our patients? How can we identify at risk children?

Join Carolyn Ledowsky, MTHFR expert and founder of MTHFR Support Australia on this Webinar discussing vaccines.

With the topic of vaccinations being so much in the media, its a topic I constantly get asked about. What can I say? Do I tow the party line and say that they have to be given? Do I say there are exceptions? Do I say I don’t know? It’s a dilemma that I’m sure many practitioners have come across and its hard to know what the science says and truly be neutral when you give a recommendation.

So I’ve decided to at least have a discussion about the science. What does the research tell us? Are there any genetic mutations in children where we should be cautious? Is there a way to still have the vaccinations but with a delayed schedule? What sensible information can we give our patients? How do we identify potential at risk babies and children?

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