Histamine and Methylation

Practitioner Webinar

In this webinar, we will explore Histamine and its relationship with a variety of health conditions. 

Join Carolyn Ledowsky, MTHFR expert and founder of MTHFR Support Australia on this Webinar focused on Histamine and Methylation.

Histamine is everywhere in our environment. It's an important messaging molecule that may provoke symptoms of asthma, eczema, acid reflux, diarrhea and low blood pressure. we tend to think of histamine just in relation to allergies, however, it can have a profound effect on our blood pressure, hormones, mood and digestive systems.

Here are some of the best bits we covered:

How can you identify high histamine patients?
What markers can give you clues?
What biochemical pathways are affected by histamine?
The key genes in the histamine pathway and how to address mutations in these genes.
How are homocysteine and the same affected by histamine?
Why do women suffer most?
What is oestrogen's relationship to histamine?

700 Prac Webinar - Histamine and Methylation