How to Identify the Right Diet for Your Patients Practitioner Video

As natural health practitioners the diet choices for our clients has always revolved around gluten free, dairy free, salicylate free and the like, however I don’t believe these diets are necessarily the first choice anymore.

Patients are presenting with more complicated chronic conditions which necessitates a different dietary approach.

Here’s some of the best bits we covered:

Which diet should you start a patient on?
What conditions would predispose to singular oxalate and/or histamine low diets?
Tools to identify oxalate vs histamine vs lectin diets.
Which resources are the most reliable and provide ease of use for patients?
How long should a patient be on these diets?
What level of oxalates should you be aiming for to reduce numbers?
How do you know when someone is reducing the levels too quickly?

 How to Identify the Right Diet for Your Patients