How to Know Which Diet Is Best for You? Patient Video

Oxalates vs histamine vs lectin vs paleo?

Our diet is critical to good health and at certain times of our lives we are put on a diet. Often I see patients who are thinking they are being healthy with lots of greens in their diet or paleo diet, only to find out that they have high oxalates. High oxalate foods are making them worse, sometimes causing debilitating gut pain, joint pain, fatigue and much more.

Given the epidemic of yeast and mould exposure, this webinar will give you insights into how you determine if you should be on a low oxalate diet.

Here’s some of the best bits we covered:

Recap on what oxalates are.
What level of oxalates should you be aiming for when reducing your intake.
How to identify when oxalates may be affecting you.
When you should be combining this with a low histamine diet.
What diet to use, which sites to trust with your lists.
Suggested diet plans and recipes to get you started.

How to Know Which Diet Is Best for You Patient Video