How to Reduce the Allergy Load for Adults and Children

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Here are some of the best bits we covered:

What are allergies?
What are the signs and symptoms of allergies?
How are allergies diagnosed? What tests exist to confirm?
What is histamine and what is its role in the allergic response?
Is folic acid a risk factor for allergies? Some studies have suggested that high folic acid in the third trimester might predispose children to an increased susceptibility to allergies in childhood.
What are the key environmental triggers to allergies?
Why does Australia have such a high prevalence of allergies and asthma?
Do common childhood vaccinations have an association with allergies?
Does vitamin D deficiency contribute to allergies? Do our "slip, slop slap" practices make this worse?
What key nutrients are supportive of allergy prevention?
What herbal medicines are effective for allergies?
What strategies can we use to reduce allergic reactions and food-based allergies?

How To Reduce The Allergy Load For Adults & Children