Personalised Fertility Treatment Roadmap with Jessica Birch

Small Private Group

In a private small group setting (less than 5 people), our head fertility specialist, Jessica Birch, will help you interpret the results from your Complete Fertility Assessment Toolkit to create a personal roadmap on what steps to take to turn your fertility around.

Just so you know this is right for you, I want to underscore that what you will do in this session is based on the EXACT PROCESS we have used to help countless couples experiencing failed IVF, infertility, and recurrent miscarriage quickly and predictably turn their fertility journey around and go on to have their healthy baby- despite being told they had “unexplained infertility” or that “there was nothing they could do”. In short - this is the most comprehensive fertility treatment available- and it works.

This session is for you if:

  • You feel confused about why you aren’t holding a pregnancy to term – and are sick of being told to “just keep trying” or that “IVF is your best option”.
  • Your test results keep coming back NORMAL – but you know something is not right.
  • You’ve felt like you’ve tried so much already, yet nothing has worked – and you are ready to finally get to the bottom of this.

Personal Fertility Mapping Session– The only way to GET PERSONALISED, PROFESSIONAL ADVICE about your unique situation Without spending thousands of dollars!

Here’s what you learn in the 2 hours you’ll spend with Jessica :

  • You’ll learn about the 9 areas of health that can cause infertility and miscarriage
  • You’ll identify which of these areas are you or your partner are showing signs of dysfunction
  • You’ll discover the EXACT steps to test and treat each of these areas
  • You’ll identify which areas you DO NOT need to waste time and money on
  • You’ll create (with Jessica’s help) your own personal treatment plan
  • You’ll be given a complete list of resources/tools to jump-start your fertility and start your plan!
  • You’ll understand if and when IVF is appropriate for you, and what other options to consider first
  • You’ll learn how to access the tests and treatments you need without a doctor's referral

And much, much more – this session will give you everything you need to get clarity and confidence that you are following the correct and most effective treatment plan for your body!

Personalised Fertility Treatment Roadmap with Jessica Birch