Understanding the Cannabinoid Pathway

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Join Carolyn as she provides a new understanding of how the Cannabinoid Pathway works and its function, offering effective solutions to support patients with chronic health issues.

Hsatisfaction-guaranteed-sealere are some of the best bits we covered:

What is the cannabinoid pathway?
How does the biochemical pathway work?
What neurotransmitters does it affect?
What other functions does it do?
What are the key SNP’s and RS IDs i.e.: CB1 receptors, etc.?
Are there up regulations or down regulations and what does that mean? How does it affect us?
What nutrients can up-regulate or down-regulate the pathway?
What is the difference between the different cannabinoids on offer i.e.: THC and the level of tetrahydrocannabinol vs the non-THC compounds?
Is there any advantage of one of the other for different conditions?
The latest research on it’s use for cancer, mood and it’s efficacy, dosage etc.

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Understanding the Cannabinoid Pathway Replay