2023 Practitioner Training Programmes

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satisfaction-guaranteed-sealThis year our focus will be on upskilling you to understand, interpret and action genetic testing for your patients.
Whether you are a seasoned SmartDNA practitioner or a beginner, this series is for you.

Here's a list of our upcoming webinars:
  • January - A sneak peek at the new report (Available early February)
  • February - A deep dive into the pro-inflammatory pathway IL6, TNFa, CRP
  • March - MTR/MTRR – these two regulate Vitamin B12 and control the uptake of folate
  • April - Iron/heme – we will hear from Dr. Bob Miller on the Fenton reaction
  • May - NOX/SOD/Catalase – key antioxidant enzymes
  • June - Adenosylcobalamin and MMAB genes
  • July - DHFR and how it not only controls your folate pathway but recycles neurotransmitters
  • August - Histamine metabolism with a specific interest in MAO A and B and how we can improve detoxification of histamine
  • September - Deep dive into a case
  • October - PON 1 and homocysteine – how your background questioning can pick up PON1 history
  • November - BCOMO1 and vitamin A – why picking up this polymorphism is critical
  • December - Putting what you have learnt into practice

These events will culminate in our 3rd Methylation and Genomics Conference to be held here in Sydney in February 2024. Details to come soon. 

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2023 Practitioner Training Programmes