Detoxification Live Q&A

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We know detoxification is such a big topic. And we also know how confusing this can be. We’re going to help you understand how to reduce the toxic load on your body, with this Q&A on detoxification. 

If you’ve tried to lose weight before but just can’t, have you considered it might be your genes?

Join us for this special live Q&A on detoxification, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your situation and have them answered directly by Carolyn.

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Supplements to Get You Started

We’ve put together these two supplements to enhance your detoxification. 

  1. Kickstart your detox with this ‘HEEL Detox Kit’ to stimulate the body’s natural process of elimination.
  2. Help the body cleanse itself of toxins and restore balance with our MTHFR Detox Herbal Formula. We’ve put together these two supplements to enhance your detoxification.

Practitioner Guided Course

Our practitioner-guided course kicks off January 13 and runs for 6 weeks. This will help you lose weight, keep you on track and motivate you to complete the programme.

Our experienced practitioners will guide you and help you eliminate stumbling blocks you might meet along the way.

Get Your Personalised Solution

Join our guided detox course. Meet every week for 6 weeks with one of our practitioners to help motivate you and show you how to get the results you need, including diet information, supplement protocol and lifestyle modifications.

Detoxification Live Q&A
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