Unveiling PON1: The Link to Neuro-degenerative Diseases and Organophosphate Exposure

Practitioner Webinar

In this webinar, we will explore PON1, a critical gene associated with increased susceptibility to neurodegenerative diseases and exposure to organophosphates. Understanding the genetic variations within the PON1 gene and their impact on an individual's vulnerability to these health challenges is crucial for healthcare practitioners and an important consideration in your assessment of your patient.

We will uncover the intricate genetic mechanisms behind PON1 and its connection to neurodegenerative conditions, providing you with valuable insights and knowledge to better comprehend this complex subject. 

What you will learn:

  • Which SNP’s are the key concerns?
  • What are the key considerations?
  • What are your action plans?
  • What nutrients will support this enzyme?
  • What diseases is PON1 associated with?
  • How can you identify issues?
700 Prac Webinar - Unveiling PON1