Legacy Collection

Here's what you are getting:

  • Lifetime access to all my current Deep-Dive Genetic SNP Training Series and Workshops.
  • Access to every training webinar teaching you how to treat chronic and complex health conditions, such as histamine, oxalates, methylation, allergies, eczema, migraines, detoxification, mould, weight, fertility, fatigue, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, dementia, and so much more.
  • All the cheatsheets, mind-maps, handouts, reference sheets, and step-by-step protocols you need on hand for easy reference
  • LIFETIME membership to our MTHFR SUPPORT Practitioners Facebook Group, which is filled with forward-thinking health practitioners on the cutting edge of research, treatment protocols, and advanced patient care.
  • Bonus 1: Free Access to all upcoming 2024 training webinars 
  • Bonus 2: A FREE TICKET to one of our 2024 LIVE IN-PERSON workshop events, including recordings, workbooks, and resources...valued over $1000
  • Bonus 3: Access past MTHFR In-Person Summits and Genetic Workshops, including lectures from special guest experts Ben Lynch, Dr Matt Pratt-Hyatt, Dr Andrew Rostenberg, Nicole Bijlsma and many more!
  • Follow a simple, proven path to master functional genetics and natural health protocols and grow your knowledge exponentially.
  • Get access to the most up-to-date research and strategies that will help you figure out how to treat even your most complicated patients for years to come!
  • No longer be overwhelmed by the pressure of watching multiple webinars each month and paying monthly membership fees, trying to keep up—go at your own pace and watch each training when you need it!
  • Master the art of finding the ROOT CAUSE of a health condition and creating effective treatment plans... right from your first appointment with a client!
  • Increase client retention and satisfaction by offering cutting-edge, personalised solutions based on mastery-level genetics and biochemistry. 

INSTITUTE 700 - Legacy Collection