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These gentle but effective liquids will give you the most remarkable results when used with the environmental and lifestyle changes we recommend in the Feeling Fantastic Detox Program

Reduce (or even eliminate!) allergies, headaches, migraines and histamine in less then 3 weeks

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Get Relief From Chronic Allergies & Headaches Without Relying On Expensive Medications... in Just 21 Days

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Includes the 3 supplements you need to manage histamine;

  • a histamine-friendly probiotic blend to support gut health and healthy histamine levels
  • a natural antihistamine to help reduce histamine-based symptoms
  • a digestive enzyme to help breakdown histamines from food and to limit reactions of histamine-based foods
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Learn How To Interpret DNA Test Results and Create Life-Changing Treatment Plans For Your Patients . 

Over 10 Hours of Expert-Led Training, Cheatsheets, Flow Charts, Practical Tools, and Patient Handouts.

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New Video Reveals The #1 Cause of Chronic Headaches + Migraines...and How To Treat It  

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Breaking New Ground: Advanced Techniques For Fertility and Miscarriage

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